My pledge to David Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron

I shall not call you Dave. For you are no friend of mine.

You tricked a lot of people with your words, Mr Cameron. Words which spread fear and convince people react in self defensive, but you have not fooled me. You have galvanised me. Out of respect for your democratically elected position (if one were to believe that First Past the Post were to be a fair system of representation) I would like to make you some promises in return.

Here are my pledges for your term in office:

- You will not set me against people who look different to me and convince me they are my enemy.

- You will not convince me that people who have an income which is less than my own have less value as humans.

- You will not convince me that the deficit is more important than human lives.

- You will not convince me that your decision to wilfully engage in the arms trade is not directly correlational to immigration.

- You will not dissolve my conviction that we have an empire-sized history which morally obliges us to assist people who seek solace on these shore.

- I will not allow you to perpetuate the lie that food banks are needed because of greed not abject poverty.

- You will not convince me that austerity is necessity as opposed to a systematic method of oppression.

- I will not be silenced about the scandal that leaves 37% of safe space refuges for women now having to run services without any dedicated funding because of decisions your government has made.

- You will not convince me that we must fund weapons to attack others before providing free education for ourselves.

- You will not trick me into believing me that the NHS is a ruined burden which will be better off handed over to profiteers, whilst you systematically undermine and underfund it.

- You will not convince me that aiding people less fortunate than yourself is a burden.

- You will not convince me that people in need of financial assistance are scroungers.

- You will not distract me from the reality that most of the pain and poverty in this country could be solved if you closed off-shore tax avoidance loopholes.

- You will not convince me that bank balances are more important than people.

You cannot take it with you Mr Cameron. We are all going to die. With the proposed austerity you want to inflict upon people already struggling, some of us are going to die more quickly than others. When it comes to the final exit poll, it’s not about how much of an extravagant funeral you can afford, it’ll be how much of a difference you made to people’s lives which is important.

I would appeal to your humanity, but I am not rich enough to warrant you listening to what I have to say. But I shall not be silenced. I will continue to raise my voice and my fist against the politics of hate you peddle.

There is no future in attacking others, Mr Cameron. You may have conceded a victory today but you have very far from won.

With rage and disobedience.