Hope Not Hate

After the horrific scenes in Woolwich yesterday, I suggest we meet those actions with a display of unity.

There were reports yesterday that the men with the knives said they wanted to start a war in London. The only people who seemed to be in agreement with them were the EDL.

Hatred breeds hatred. We know this. Let's be better than that.

I suggest we mark the life of a man who died, and in fact of all people who have lost their lives, at the hands of people who want to perpetuate brutality upon other human beings and cause division. What could be more defiant to the propagation of violence than a mass of people standing up for peace? People from all faiths, all heritages, all walks of life, holding a vigil to display a commitment to unity and to the idea that diversity is what makes a community, not divides it.

I suggest a silent display, nothing too loud or something which would disturb the family and friends of the man who lost his life yesterday, but a group of people, standing together saying you are not fighting my cause, and you are not frightening me, because I believe in people.

When people call for violence, it is time for people of peace to stand tall.

"An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind." - Gandhi

This Saturday, 25th May 2013, 11am - 11.30am, somewhere in London (any suggestions, Woolwich or Trafalgar Square?).

I hope to see you there.

(I will update venue according to feedback).