Freelance Christmas

It is that time of year when we start racking our brains for things to buy people for reasons of seasonal cheer. Or diverting ourselves trying to figurine out if it is wracking or racking. Don't tell me, pedantry gets you kicked off my Xmas list quicker than nicking a reindeer from Santa.

Anyway, instead of getting all confused and frustrated by the whole affair, I thought it would be a lot nicer if I knew I was supporting friends and their projects, so I asked Twitter if any of you are selling things which you might like to tell me about.

Some of you replied, and I thought it might be helpful if I made a list for you to be able to see. Please feel free to let me know other things you'd like to me add.

My rule is that the plug has to come from the person directly, and if I sniff that I think it is a little more corporate than personal, sorry, but this is not the list for you.

So here are some ideas you could support from people I connect with (in the order they reached me):

tomishuman ‏@tomrawles
@HeardinLondon I have hand printed sweaters and t-shirts over here 

Moose Allain ‏@MooseAllain
@HeardinLondon Really, my website should answer ALL people's Christmas needs ;-) 

Beth Parker ‏@BethParker70
@HeardinLondon would be most grateful if you could RT my #ecofashion site  lots of gifts! Thx

October Jones ‏@OctoberJones
@HeardinLondon I am flogging a book about a Texting Dog. It would make the perfect gift for Dog lovers AND haters 

Zoë ‏@misszolab
@HeardinLondon my friend makes really beautiful personalised gifts  @CharlieAxworthy well worth checking out!

katycoo ‏@katycoo
@francobianco @HeardinLondon aw. thanks. I cross stitch lyrics. this is an example

KidCircus ‏@KidCircus
@HeardinLondon Allow me to recommend @deedeelea's @TheBrokedownPal .

Ben Cameron ‏@ben_cameron
@HeardinLondon I draw and sell cards, framed doodles and illustrations. I can add bespoke details too. My site is 

TallManwithGlasses ‏@stuartwitts
@HeardinLondon I have a set of limited edition prints & the option for custom prints at 

cressida clore ‏@Vivienneclore
@HeardinLondon i have clients available for work over xmas  ;)

HeardinLondon ‏@HeardinLondon
And if you're looking for entertainers for your Xmas party, here's a bunch I can recommend 

Chips for the Poor ‏@ChipsforthePoor
@HeardinLondon Welcome to our Chips shop  Thanks for the support x

Gary Bainbridge ‏@Gary_Bainbridge
@HeardinLondon I understand books are a welcome Christmas gift. Here are two books that people can read.

@HeardinLondon can I join in? I'm in France & I hand knit neck warmers & cushion covers - free postage worldwide! :)

Last and probably least, I have made some calendars, photo prints and tiny books of my photos

And if, in all honesty, Christmas presents are the least of your worries right now, remember this lot are there for you even when it feels like no one else might be